From the Tom Day Bridge continue down Tusquittee Street for 1.4 miles, to the entrance to the Tusquittee Community. The Cherokee word Tusquittee means rafters, for the mountain ridges that resemble rafters in a building.

Follow Tusquittee Street for 2.4 miles to the Moss Memorial Baptist Church. The fieldstone church is about 50 years old.

About half a mile from the church is Downings Creek Road. Scenic drive continues straight ahead, following Tusquittee. Taking this road will lead to US Hwy 64, east of Hayesville.

Continuing down Tusquittee Street for .6 of a mile leads to the Col. William Moore House on the left. The two story white farm house was built in the 1860’s and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Col. was the son of John C. Moore, the first white settler in Clay County. The family operated a farm and store on this site for generations.

At Tusquittee Landings, about one block from the Moore house, pilots and their families live in homes adjacent to a small airport. It is not unusual to see a plane in a back yard or coming in for a landing as you drive by.

At the intersection of Tusquittee and Cold Branch Road (approximately .6 mile from the airport) Matlock Creek flows from the left into Tusquittee Creek. The first gold found in Clay County is rumored to have been found here. Turn right onto Cold Branch Road.

At the bridge, you will cross Tusquittee Creek. The state has designated the creek as a trout stream with high quality water.

Stay on Cold Branch for 3.4 miles and on the right you will pass the Ridges Golf Course.

Continue .5 miles to the intersection of Cold Branch Road & US 64 East.

From here continue the SHOOTING CREEK LOOP.

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