The Clay County Eclipse Task Force
In Partnership with Clay County Chamber of Commerce and Peacock Performing Arts Center

Proudly Present

Enrique Gomez

Western Carolina University

Professor of Astronomy 

Don’t Miss This  FREE  Informational Presentation 

As a public service  to the community this 60 minute presentation will share details of why a total eclipse is so extraordinary.  Pictures will show the reason we in Clay County are strategically positioned for a once in a lifetime event.  There is much to learn about the phenomenon taking place August 21, 2017.  The Professor explains the safe way to observe the awesome view in the sky during the coast to coast path, created by the moon passing across the face of the sun, that causes us to be in the shadow cast upon the earth.  The path is not very wide in which the total darkness and its effects can be fully observed.  People travel the world to witness the phenomenon. Come, find out for yourself, why this future event is too good to miss.

You Won’t Have To Go Far! 

Amazingly, it is going to happen right over our heads, here, in Clay County.  You, your family, and friends will be able to share this experience locally and also participate in the festivities being planned for your enjoyment.  The event will be talked about for years to come and from Food to Fun and Festivities to the best viewing sites. you can join in this remarkable and memorable experience.  Come and learn all about it.  There will be Eclipse memorabilia there, and safety glasses, too.

BE PREPARED !   See YOU at the Peacock TUESDAY  July 18, 7:00 PM!